01. We put the children in the [carriage] and took them down to the park for a picnic.
02. We took a horse-drawn [carriage] through the old town.
03. The young woman sadly waved goodbye as the railway [carriage] slowly pulled away from the station.
04. The [carriage] to ship my suitcases to school was more than the value of the things in them.
05. Our little girl is able to pull herself up now, so we have to be careful that she doesn't fall out of her [carriage] when we take her for a walk.
06. The total cost was £25, including tax and [carriage].
07. [Carriage] by ship is certainly cheaper, but it takes much longer as well.
08. The good fairy changed a pumpkin into a beautiful [carriage] to take Cinderella to the prince's ball.
09. The field guns were mounted on two-wheeled [carriages] and had to be dragged out onto the battlefield by a crew of soldiers.
10. The Queen waved to the crowd from an open horse-drawn [carriage].
11. The [carriage] carrying the dead King made its way slowly up the avenue.
12. The Warsaw Convention on International [Carriage] by Air deals with questions of liability regarding the international movement of passengers, baggage, and cargo by aircraft.
13. In 1981, a tornado lifted a baby from its [carriage] in the Italian city of Ancona. The baby was carried over 45 feet into the air, and set down safely 300 feet away without waking.
14. An Italian proverb notes that you don't go to heaven in a [carriage].
15. Lillian Hellman once said that nobody outside of a baby [carriage] or a judge's chamber believes in an unprejudiced point of view.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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